Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Bunch of Brunch

According to Wikipedia: Brunch is a late morning or early
afternoon meal, typically between 10am and 11:30am, that combines
foods usually eaten for breakfast and lunch.

My Mom and Dad took us out to brunch today at the Strongbow Inn
(or Strongbow's as it's called locally) in Valparaiso. Brunches
are odd things. People make complete pigs of themselves (Yes, me
too) and seem to try to do it in a dignified way. I mean, people
come back to the table with HUGE platefuls 3 or 4 times and never
think anything of it. I've read that they have brunches in France
and Germany but I can't see them eating so much...well, maybe the
Germans. Regardless we really enjoyed ourselves. The food was
delicious and surprisingly, my favorite item was the mashed potatoes.
I think we must have consumed thousands of calories but we laughed
lots of them off by our catty-ness toward fellow diners (amongst
ourselves of course). We ARE perfect after all...just ask us!
I thought it was nice that they had a separate, small brunch line
set up just for kids, with things they would enjoy, such as
chicken strips, hush puppies and peanut butter sandwiches.

A disturbing item (although very tasty...I wasn't THAT disturbed)
was a whole salmon in the cold food area. When we eat food in
in the western world, we never see it anymore. It's a piece of
meat we buy at the store. Never do we see the whole cow, chicken
or in this case, a fish. It made me feel bad in a way for the much that I took flesh from his back instead of his
...didn't want him to see who was sticking their fork in his
front...after all, he still had his eyes...and that's a whole
other creepy story for another time.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the whole baby pigs in the food warehouse. Pig in a box!

kay said...

You know, I was so disturbed by the photo, I could not read the blog. JK, but I did find the photo disturbing. And sorta hot.