Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wetter...but Still a Desert

The bad weather seems to be following us as Grand Junction
officially received 3.1 inches of snow today. 3.1 inches
doesn't seem like a lot, but that much for a desert area
that gets only 8 inches of rain a year is a lot of snow.
Although never seeming to hurt for water since we're in a
valley where the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers meet, the area
has been in the middle of a multi-year drought that makes
everything from locally grown peaches, to apples and even wine
more expensive. Good news though as the snow pack feeding
the Gunnison River are now reported to be 142% of what they
should be this time of year. But...I'm sure by July, the
yard will still be brown. I'm looking forward to the day
we can xeriscape.

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