Friday, February 15, 2008



That's what it costs for the cheapest ticket on the
Marina Svetaeva cruise ship that visited McMurdo today.
Plus, that's the price per person if you're willing to
share a room onboard with 3 other people. If you only
want to share with one other person it costs $16,390!
Ouch! Not a trip for the under-funded. Yes, they get
to go to a lot of truly beautiful and isolated places,
but many of us actually get PAID to go to some of these
places. Several times during the day I felt a bit like
I was in a fish bowl, as armies of touristy-folk in teal
parkas investigated the local fauna (Us!). I think they
had a good time though and we did our best penguin acts.
Ignoring them and only reacting if they got too close to
us. I wonder if getting too close to McMurdo-ites and
disturbing them breaks the Antarctic Treaty???

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