Sunday, February 17, 2008

Arrival Brief

They sit there with that "Deer in the Headlights" look.
This time of year they are very easy to spot. The "first
time on the Ice" folks. The FNGs (F...riendly New Guys)
They're easy to spot because I know a lot of the folks that
are crazy enough to come back every winter. The others,
mostly brand new to the program and Winter is their first
season here. Not always is this a good thing.

I put on my first Arrival Brief since I've been here in
The Chalet today and about 12 people came in aboard the
C-17. There are only 3 more arriving flights so it's
pretty much coming down to crunch time if people are going
to be here for the winter or not (and as always, it seems
like there are plenty of vacant jobs to be filled) We're
supposed to have a Winter Population of 135 but it looks to
me like we're going to fall somewhat short of that.
So as I wrapped up the Arrival Brief, spoke to the returnees
and newcomers, both Raytheon and Grantee, I wondered if any
of these folks had that "What was I thinking of?" thought
going through their heads. It can happen and usually begins
at the Arrival Brief.


Lori Murray said...

That's a small crew, you guys must not have much construction going on this winter.

Anonymous said...

Did you and Lynn get a package from the Anna's yet? E & P