Sunday, February 24, 2008

Down to a Few

126 people left this barren rock today and
the last 123 are due to leave tomorrow.
Many friends are leaving, but as we are
planning to change seasons, we'll see most
of them next summer.

Goodbye Susie, Kaska, Megan, Atlas and Steve.
See you in October!

After spending many hours trying to cross-check
and cross-reference multiple spreadsheets,
emails and lists, here are what I believe to
be the final population totals for this winter:

Extended Season: 87 People
Winter Season: 128 People
Total: 215 People

When the C-17 arrives and departs on April 17,
the 87 Extended Season Folks will depart,
leaving only the Winterovers remaining here.
Of the 128 Winterovers, there will be 37 women
and 91 men. Coincidentally, there are nine more
Winterovers this season than last and exactly
nine more women, totaling 29% of the population.


dani said...

yo tom....dani goes it??? bummer about the DA schedule...i just got back from greece where it snowed...yes, you read that correct...athens actually shut down for a was crazy...i was reading through the blog...stefan and amy are coming here to romania???? i don't know about this...hmmmmm...could be interesting...hope all is well and happy winter...i am sure you will have a wonderful time...rumplestilkskin....hahahaha...miss you...peace out...dani

Benjamin said...

So I decide to winter in the season of no women and I decide to not winter when they decide to stock the pond a little bit better. That sucks.