Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ugly Blue Floor

It's not a great picture, but can you see that ugly
green floor in our Galley? It's only about 5 years old
but it's been falling apart for four of those years and
they're getting ready to replace it. Our Maintenance
(FEMC) Manager told us all that our lives are going to
be hell for the next six weeks because they're going to
be tearing out the ugly green floor and replacing it with
an ugly blue floor. Somewhere between blue cup blue and
blue tray blue. In other words...ugly blue. Yes, I think
it will probably be even uglier than the current floor if
that's possible.

However, our friend Ben has a theory about the color blue
and why it's used so much in the McMurdo Galley. Is it
because it reminds us so much of the blue ice or maybe
even the blue sky? Uh, no. It's so we'll eat less.
Ever notice that All the major fast food chains have Red
and Yellow in their logos, bags, designs in general? It's
because the colors Red and Yellow cause you to want to eat
more...hence spend more money. But...Blue makes you want
to eat less. It's cool, instead of hot. So one more thing
to make us eat less and save the company money. A new,
albeit ugly, blue floor!

1 comment:

benjamin said...

The conspiracy gets deeper. "You're my boy, Blue!" Are you feeling less hungry already?