Tuesday, March 11, 2008

C is for Cookie

Wednesday. Hump Day? The only day with 9 letters in it's name?
A day that's hard to spell? Yes, to all of those. But...in
McMurdo, it's also COOKIE DAY! Yes, you know it, you love it,
you can't live without it. Cookie Day in McMurdo. People fall
into routines here. Saturday dinner is ALWAYS Italian...ugh.
I like Italian food, but I'm really tired of it on Saturday
nights. Wednesday is also Mexican day for Lunch. Again...shake
it up a bit, ok? But...who could EVER get tired of Cookie Day.
Watching people fill their pockets with saran-wrapped cookies
is almost an event. How many cookies will actually fit in Big
Red. Which will burst first...their pockets or their waistlines?
Cookie Day...an event? A fashion faux pas? A risk to the PQ
process? Yes to all.

1 comment:

shooskua said...

Hi Tom,
I MISS COOKIE DAY! What's a Wednesday without cookies? Torture, I say. Good to see your blog again...been away for a while, but it is great as usual. Hope you are finally getting some time off.
Later, Christine (Mrs. Antz)
ps. If they had cookie day at Scott Base, would it be called 'Biscuit Day?'