Friday, March 14, 2008

Dish Washaaaaa

Do you know of a movie that you're constantly quoting
from? Ok, so maybe you don't. But Lynn and I do.
Several in fact...but the one that comes to mind after
tonight is "Dragon...The Bruce Lee Story" Toward the
beginning of the film, his boss at a Chinese restaurant
tells Bruce he will always be a Dish Washaaaaa. If he
didn't do something with his life, he will always be a

Well, I thought I had been doing something with my life,
but I find myself again becoming a Dish Washaaaaa. You
see, it's winter (kind of) at McMurdo and everyone...women,
men, old and young, have to wash dishes. Tonight was our
first shift of the season and just walking into the Pot
Room is like stepping into the belly of the beast. Too
many pots. It seems that there are too many pots and pans
being dirtied for the amount of people that are being cooked
for. I'm sure that the cooks need all of these dishes. I'm
just not sure why. It was nice that a couple of the cooks
thanked us for washing tonight. Like we had a choice.
On the other hand, I did get a nice compliment today from
Angie, who is the Food Service Supervisor. She told me that
that I was a big reason that the Dining Attendant
(Dish Washaaaaa) program is a success this year. Mostly
because of the work I'm doing on the schedule and finding
subs when people call in sick (hmmm). Washing dishes was
my first job in High School and now I'm finding myself doing
it yet again. Maybe I'm meant to be a...Dish Washaaaaa!

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