Friday, March 07, 2008

Foraging For a Fork

From back when airlines used real silverware...heck,
when airlines served real food...Lynn somehow acquired
a set of silverware from Air Canada. I think they might
have originally arrived to her possession through some
mysterious garage sale purchase...Hmm...dishonest
Canadians selling stolen goods over international
boundaries...sounds just like those Canadians....
(Just Kidding of course). However, for years now,
Lynn and I have been carrying small sets of silverware
with us wherever we travel, finding them useful for
impromptu picnics from Thailand, to Paris, to Mitchell
Nebraska. Never did I think, especially in this day
and age of TSA agents rifling through one's bags did
I think that I would lose any part of this silverware
set here in Antarctica. This is home...I live here.
You don't lose stuff often in a place you live. Yes,
you misplace it, but later find it. I was using the
silverware set because we forgot to get utensils from
the Galley one night for use with our dinner. By
accident, the fork was picked up with other dirty
dishes and taken to the Galley. Upon discovering it's
absence, I figured it was gone...long gone. Not that
anyone would want a fork with a maple leaf on it, but
considering the folks that populate this small bastion
of odd-ness, it might be seen as a cool gift or even
something good to clean one's shower drain with. I
went to the galley later that night and carefully
looked through the forks (without touching them of
course). It was like looking for a a
stack of needles. This place has hundreds if not a
thousand forks. Didn't find it. Gave it up for lost.
Regardless, I asked Lead DA Larissa to keep a lookout
for it. Three days later...tah dah! The missing
Canadian fork was worse for ware (HA...)
So now it's back in it's purple pouch. Next to it's
Canadian brother and sister...the knife and the spoon,
awaiting it's next picnic. It's already travelled all
the way to the Galley at McMurdo...where will it travel

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Lori Murray said...

I'm glad you found your fork. I have a set I carry too. Especially for cutting up fruit and apply nutella to it. Though with the dollar 1.53 against the Euro, I'm not going back to Italy for a while.