Saturday, March 29, 2008

Goodbye Denver...Hello SLC?

The other day, I found an interesting map, detailing how
each area of the country is influenced by a nearby city.

The Commoncensus Map Project

In Grand Junction we live almost equidistant from both
Denver and Salt Lake City. If for no other reason than
family ties and a "connection" to the Front Range, we go to
Denver when we go to "The City". However, the Colorado
State Senate has just passed a law stating that they want
to charge each car traveling on I-70 from Floyd Hill, outside
of Denver, to the Eisenhower tunnel, a $5.00 toll fee. $5.00
is not a huge amount of money, but it's the principle more
than anything that is disturbing. The Western Slope is
tiring of giving the Front Range it's water, and it's money
from it's natural resources. Maybe it's time the Western
Slope gets to keep it's money at home...or at the very least,
start looking westward.


Jude said...

The trick will be to go over Loveland Pass. When I was a kid, a snaking line of cars went over Loveland. My dad worked on the Eisenhower Tunnel Project (which all the workers called the Straight Creek Tunnel--they were annoyed when the name was officially changed). Is it fun going to Denver--ever? No. Avoid it in the summer, drive over Loveland, and leave the great tiled tunnel to the tourists. I can do without seeing those few relatives who went to the other side (i.e., Denver). Besides, if you're making a true map of northwestern Colorado, eastern Utah, you'd realize that Grand Junction is the hub of our universe.

Benjamin said...

The thought of Grand Junction being the hub of any universe makes me shiver and I wonder what type of alternate universe it must be. That being said, DOWN WITH TOLL ROADS!