Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lake Vanda...Brrrrr

Our friend Matt is getting back to McMurdo from Lake
Vanda, Wright Valley and Bull Pass out in the Dry
Valleys. Not everyone who goes out to the Dry Valleys
gets to sleep in a cozy building. In fact, most people
there sleep in tents. Matt was leading a couple of
grantees on a small walking expedition through the
Wright Valley. Although it is similar in many ways to
to Taylor Valley, this time of year it's more isolated
by the fact that they have a hard time communicating with
the other camps. The Wright Valley repeater doesn't
reach the camps at Lake Hoare, Bonney or Fryxell easily
so they did their check-ins with us at MacOps. They
had to move camps to the Bull Pass Hut last night
because it was getting down toward -35 Fahrenheit and
one of the guys had the zipper break on his sleeping
bag. -35 is cold, but not unheard of...but sleeping
in a tent at -35...I don't think so!

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