Thursday, March 20, 2008


Apparently, you can't land a helicopter just anywhere.
It has to be a flat surface that doesn't allow slippage
or sliding. That makes sense, but I'm guessing it's not
so easy to do out at the Dry Valleys.

At some of the sites, they've built platforms for the helos
to land since the terrain is either too loose or too sloped
to safely land upon. This is a really nice deck. I could see
building a house right next to this and hanging out during a
barbecue. Those pesky helicopters though would be worse than
mosquitos I'm guessing.

At other locations, the helo can land right on the ground,
although the landing spot is definitely marked. This spot
looks like a good place for a day at the beach. The water
looks a little cold though. Must be what they mean by
"hard water".

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