Friday, March 21, 2008

National Corndog Day

Name a holiday that falls between St. Patrick's Day and
Easter. Ok...Good Friday doesn't count. Although good
intentions are involved, it's got that whole creepy factor
down with the Stigmata-related events and all...

It's National Corndog Day!

It's a fun holiday that's been around over 15 years and
is rather Hallmark-ish in the fact that it's sponsored by
Foster Farms and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer...Pabst? uh, ok.
However, I do believe I just may be the first American in
the world celebrating the day, as it is just before 6:00am
here on Saturday and it's still Friday in the States. Oh,
those late celebrators...I've got at least a 18 hour jump
on most of North America. Although I don't believe there
are any corndogs on the sad...I'll be eating
one in spirit and telling everyone at the birthday party I'm
attending tonight that National Corndog Day is upon us.
Inside my brain, I'll be going back to the Porter County Fair,
munching on a corndog, watching my cotton candy shrink, and
thinking...hmmm...this a really good corndog!


Jude said...

As a vegetarian, I've never eaten a corn dog. But I did think this sounded like a fun day: International Pillow Fighting Day,
which is also celebrated March 22nd. I heard about it from an Australian vlogger on Youtube--frezned You could organize an impromptu event at McMurdo...

Benjamin said...

Maybe the galley could make some of those delicious corndogs that they made last year. Perhaps the best meal of the winter.

Bunnie Lebowski said...

We are celebrating our 3rd NCD here in Portage, Indiana, one of the nation's largest parties right in the region. If you're ever back home on corndog day, you're more than welcome to come have a beer with us. We also serve veggie and vegan corndogs if you can bring Jude.
stay warm