Monday, March 03, 2008

New Year - Old Bowling

The Extended Season bowling league started tonight
at McMurdo and although we don't have a team name yet,
we can be considered a team of misfits since we are
a rag-tag group of people that didn't seem to fit on
any other team. A couple of weeks ago, the team sign
up was displayed on the Rec board and without my
knowledge, Lynn placed my name on the list as a captain,
without any crew. Several days went by and my name
remained singular and lonely on the list, while other
teams with four members each were joining the ranks
of the soon-to-be bowling community. Eventually a
few people, who also were without teammates and probably
at this time, desperately looking for inclusion, called
me and we joined as a unit.

Our cohesion must be coming into place though as we won
our game by 2 pins over "Bags & Balls" which is populated
by Galley folks. On a "shake my head and figure something
is wrong with the universe" note, the UT Foreman, Tim,
bowled a 244!!! Amazing on these alleys that are warped
beyond all repair and in no way resembles any alley in
the civilized world. I guess it's somewhat of revenge for
Tim though as several years ago while performing maintenance
on the lanes, the manual pin setting mechanism broke his
arm badly. Karma happens in the strangest ways!

1 comment:

benjamin said...

And I was thinking that it was going to take a while before last winter's top score of 235 was beat. Oh well, fame is fleeting.