Monday, March 31, 2008

Play Ball!

I've been thinking about baseball this week. A lot!
The major league season starts this week and I hope...
yes I really hope, that this is my team's year. I've
put a whole lotta faith in the Cubs winning it all
this year. Last year's disappointment in the playoffs
taught me nothing. I fear I'm setting myself up for
more disappointment. I fear that a World Series
Championship is a very long distance away from me.
It only seemed fitting that I ran across this really
cool map comparing the size of the Apollo 11 landing
site to a typical baseball diamond. We fly 238,854
miles to land on the Moon and our exploration area
is a barely a line drive into the Right Field Gap!
We haven't been back to the Moon in 39 years. The
Cubs haven't won the big one in 99 years. Although
I'm baffled that we haven't been back to the Moon
since, I hope the Cubs win the Series before we go
back to the Moon. NASA employees will have to look for
employment elsewhere...I'm feeling greedy.

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

While I am hoping that it is my Mets, and not your Cubs, that win the World Series this year, I hope that Fukudome (or whatever his name is) does well as I have him in my fantasy league.