Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Gonna Blow!

Talk about a clown-car scenario. There were four of us
at work the other day all trying to figure out one stupid
coffee maker. About every other time it would gorge itself
of all of it's coffee and half of the water, leaving a lake
of coffee on the table. Now this is important, because
every single one of us drinks coffee...a lot of coffee.
I've never worked in a place where everyone in the building
drank this much coffee. So when this "cheap piece of crap"
coffee maker started to break down, George started to take
it apart and ended up having more pieces left over than
what he started with, but it no longer leaks. Bill
apparently either had too much time on his hands or
genuinely has our safety in mind because he made a skull
and crossbones sign for our little coffee maker that could.

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