Tuesday, April 29, 2008

McMurdo Fat Tire Festival?

It's only appropriate that since the Fruita Fat Tire
Festival was just held back home, that a photo of a
bike comes my way. I had one of those "wish I had a
camera with me" moments last night on the way home
from work. Fortunately Ken from I.T. had his camera
and took some great shots of this bike that was sitting
outside my dorm. We've had odd weather the last couple
of days. On this blog I have a little weather box that
says what the weather is like in McMurdo. Most days
it says "Windy" or "Snowy", but yesterday it said
"Mist". When does it ever Mist here??? It wasn't a
foggy, rainy mist like you would have in Astoria or in
some town in coastal Maine, but it was a cold, damp icy
mist that just kind of made the day miserable. The tires
reminded me of these Polish-type cookies that my Mom used
to make (called Chrusciki?) that are like spokes or wheels
covered in powdered sugar after being deep fried. Even
after 7 years here, it seems odd to see bicycles around,
although people do occasionally ride them even in the winter.
There is even a "Cyclocross" held here every December. But
just looking at this photo in no way makes me want to jump
on and take a quick spin around town.

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