Saturday, April 05, 2008

Not Much Planned

Since I had to work on Saturday, my two day weekend
starts today. Occasionally extracting my butt off the
couch is about as ambitious as I'm going to get today.


David said...

Do you get BBC World Service TV or Radio? Also how many actual TV channels do you get? What is the programming like?

Tom said...

Hi David...our television's pretty limited, but we do get 3 AFN channels, BBC World, the Australia Channel (part of the ABC aimed toward Asia) and a couple of locally produced movie channels and information scrolls. At 6 every night is TVOne news from NZ.
On the radio, we get a couple of AFN radio stations as well as locally produced radio and NPR World Service. Not as much as Suburbia USA, but more than South Pole, which gets pretty much nothing.