Friday, May 09, 2008


In seasons past, we could blissfully ignore pop culture
and when we got back to civilization we could pick and
choose what we wanted to pay attention to or what would
be just the latest pop phenomenon with their 15 minutes
of fame, ready to be ignored for all time. Now though
with the Internet (especially this winter's rise of
iTunes availability) our little bubble of seclusion has
been burst. A group of us have been rather rabid watchers
of "Lost" this winter, gathering in the "Powell Family
Theatre" once a week to watch Lost (We also watch "Weeds"
and have watched "The Tudors" but that is a different blog
post for a different time) and I was thinking the other
night while watching, how similar our world here on the Ice
is similar to those of the characters of "Lost":

Trapped on an island in the South Seas until rescue comes
Lots of strange buildings, with no idea what their function is
Questionable food and water
Odd people in which to share this island with
Another "tribe" nearby (Scott Base?)
Intermittent communication with the outside world, if at all
Very little diversity
People who have left the island, trying to get back
People who have left the island, not trying to get back...ever

I could go on and on...It's funny how the television can
sometime mirror the real world...or is it the other way around?
Oh...I almost forgot...despite what some people may think,
there never will be any polar bears on this island.


Lori Murray said...

Yah, but you better watch out for the black fog monster!

Tom said...

lol...I thought about that actually as I was writing this post but couldn't find anything down here to compare the fog monster to!