Tuesday, May 06, 2008

That Time of Year Again

Our friend and aurora-photographer-extraordinaire Antz took
these great photos on Sunday night of the season's first
really good auroras. Typically they're not very visible
here in town, but these were really bright and they happened
around midnight when it's darkest.

Of course I missed them. Lynn was having trouble sleeping
and got up. She told me that there was some really good
auroras visible so I staggered to the window, didn't see
any and went back to my coma-induced sleep. I'm sure there
will be other opportunities in the next few weeks to see
some really bright ones here in town.


Benjamin said...

It's been my experience that you won't find any bright ones in town. Oh, you meant Auroras. Well you might find some of those.

Tom said...

oh aren't you funny!

Ana Cristina said...

This is simply wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing the pics. Regards from Portugal.