Saturday, June 07, 2008


It was an interesting day. Lynn and I woke up early,
knowing that we would want to make the most of our extra
day off since we had to wash dishes for four hours later
in the day. The wind continued to howl throughout the
day and as we went outside to go to our pot scrubbing
duties, the wind blew with extra-hard force and practically
blew us down the stairs. My right shoulder practically got
pulled out of it's socket and still hurts as I type this.
Ice and good drugs do a marvelous job of pain relief however.
Anyway, after we got home, took our showers and sat down to
relax for the evening...poof...out go the lights. Not just
our building, but the whole town. I felt like we were in
NYC in the 60's or 70's. As we sat, contemplating the dark,
Jim from down the hall and Kai from upstairs joined us and
it turned into a nice evening of dark and conversation. The
lights were only out about 45 minutes, but I'm afraid that
there might be a fairly large problem, for as we listened to
the radio traffic, we found that the new Power Plant needed
to be shut down and the old Power Plant had to be fired up.
I guess I'll know more tomorrow when I get to work, but
hopefully it will be something easily fixed.

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