Friday, June 13, 2008

Bring Out Your Dead

OK...maybe it's not that bad...but every year about this
time, the Galley has a shortage of bowls. There aren't any
less bowls here. Something didn't transport them away to
another land or they didn't "move the island" like in "Lost".
People just take bowls and dishes to their rooms with food
on them and never bring them back. We do the same thing, but
generally wash them before bringing them back so food doesn't
sit on them and get crusty...ugh. I remember when I was in
the Housing Department and I would go into some peoples'
rooms and there would be weeks of dishes piled up in the
corner...all nasty with old food on them. It's lucky we
don't have insects or rodents here because some people would
have a serious problem. Yes, these are our neighbors. But...
most people are good and return their dishes. That makes me
think that the few people that are not returning their bowls
and dishes have a heckuva lot of them in their rooms. I
envision people closing their doors very quickly so the mountain
of bowls filled with old Flank Steak, Blazing Redfish or Chicken
Florentine doesn't escape their room. Not a pretty picture.

1 comment:

IowaMouse said...

What IS it with people who keep weeks of bowls and stuff in their rooms??? They have to come to the Galley anyway for breakfast and stuff...Bring em back!! Geez....