Saturday, July 05, 2008

There is NO Sanctuary

In honor of our friend Sandwich's recent 30th birthday,
we hosted a two film filmfest on Sunday of Tron, followed
by Logan's Run. If you haven't seen Logan's Run, here's
the premise...Life is perfect, you have everything you
need. Only one catch. You have to die at age 30. It's
one of my favorite movies and we have a DVD copy of it that
I've practically worn out. Lynn had never seen the whole
movie before and since she's now seen the whole
not a big fan. The remaining people toward the end of the
viewing felt the same unfortunately. My only ally, Jed
left early to call his girlfriend...traitor! Anyway, I'm
sure that Sandwich was either renewed or reached Sanctuary
and she is no longer a Red-29 and is not flying around on
Carousel anymore. Me? I've been officially a "Runner" for
12 years now. No Carousel for me!


Jude said...

I love Logan's Run too, but maybe it helped that I read the book first, then waited impatiently for the film to be made (which shows you how old I am). And in the book, I'm pretty sure that life ends at 21. John Scalzi, who blogs at Whatever, listed it on his bad SF films list, but I consider the plastic surgeon in Minority Report a direct ripoff. The commentary that Michael York gives is mildly entertaining in places. They're supposed to do a remake in 2010.

Benjamin said...