Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gathering Gopher Wood

It has been raining so much the past couple of days
that I could swear that I saw large groups of animals
traveling two by two up the road today. The area has
received anywhere from 2-6 inches of rain already and
warnings issued tonight say that amounts of one to
1 1/2 inches...(PER HOUR!) could fall tonight.

We took some pictures of our creek (Cornell Ditch) that
runs through the farm so that my Dad could see how things
are looking around the house. It's almost over it's
banks and this is usually a tranquil, slow moving stream.
Not today though. I'm interested how it will look tomorrow.
All of this is 24 hours or so before the remnants of
Hurricane Ike eventually passes by this way. It could be
even soggier in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom and Lynn, just thinking about you two. Our thoughts are with you, drop me an email when you have a moment.

Love, Pete and Erika

Benjamin said...

Good to see that you are alive and well. After a while without new posts I was going through withdrawl and wondering if some kind of storm had taken out all of my ice buddies. Let me know if you come through Denver.