Sunday, October 05, 2008

Get Off Your Butt

I don't live in fact I don't really live anywhere.
However, as a former resident of Michigan, and as a resident of
the United States (Where I DO pay taxes), I feel I have a right to
voice my opinion regarding something. I was watching one of
those Sunday morning politics shows this morning and the
Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm was boo-hoo-ing
about how Michigan is losing X amount of jobs, is "hurting" and
how bad things are. What is the president (whover that is going
to be) going to do about it?

Well you know...the same thing was being said when I lived there
20 years ago and were being said 10 years before that. This same
thing being said to many presidents from both parties. Well, Governor
Granholm...get off your butt and do something about it yourself!
YOU ARE THE GOVERNOR! It's too darn easy to blame someone
else isn't it? Quit complaining and do something...anything. The
Big 3 automakers have been sucking money out of the state for
years...Detroit is electing corrupt politicians for years...DO
SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Quit blaming whoever was and is to become
president. This isn't going to change whether McCain or Obama is
elected. Governor something.

I'm sure this argument could be made in some shape or form for
any of the 50 States...even D.C. (Marion Berry got re-elected after
being busted on camera???). However, I saw this on television and
I used to live in Michigan so it struck a nerve. Quit your bitching
and get off your butts and do something...the complaining gets old
after a while and as a American citizen, I really don't want my tax
money being spent to help out someone who doesn't want to help


IowaMouse said...

Here, here! I totally agree! The politicians in every state say the same thing. Iowa has been bleeding job for where are all the people going??? SOME state has to be taking them in!! Geez...

Benjamin said...

I check a lot of IDs at the bar that I work at, and we seem to have a lot of people from Iowa and Michigan as well as the usual California and Texas crowds. I guess they all came to the greatest state in the union, Colorado. That being said, I completely agree Tom. Michigan has too long depended on the Big Three and they have needed to diversify their jobs for years. Guess they are getting their due now.

Benjamin said...

Oh, and I don't know if it is too early for this, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait 'til next year! I guess the Mets and the Cubs had the same amount of post-season victories this year!

Tom said...

I was waiting to hear something from you about the playoffs Ben

Sly said...

I find it funny that there is only one city in Michigan that is not loosing money and that city is Ann Arbor.
Go Blue.

Tom said...

They are losing a lot of football games this year though... ;)

Sly said...

Thats for sure:(
Michigan is indeed in a sorry state, I'm originally from the UP and its even worse up there.

mightyatlas said...

Gettin' a little testy there, aren't cha? You need to come back to the ice, where life is perfect - filled with puppy dogs and rainbows...