Monday, October 13, 2008

I Fear for Our Future

As I get older, I find myself becoming more of a
Libertarian than anything else. Fairly apolitical,
I'm finding the current election news both boring,
yet painfully disturbing at the same time. I don't
find McCain especially enticing. Not that I disagree
with his views's just that I don't care
for him that much as a person. However, Obama just
plain scares me. I feel that if (when?) elected, our
country will start it's slow slide into a Socialist
welfare state where hard working people will get
crapped on. I know that many of my friends feel that
he is the saving-grace of all that is good and holy.
I feel he is not a good man and my gut feeling tells me
many troubles lie ahead.
I'm very afraid that we as a nation will get exactly
what we deserve...I hope I'm wrong.


Benjamin said...

Obama's healthcare plan calls for repealing the tax-cuts (I would be for repealing all of them in a time of a troubled economy) for those making over $400,000 a year to lower the cost of health care for all of those who want health care but can not afford it. He is not for socialized medicine, but unfortunately some people have been too lazy to go to his website and read his plan and then accuse him of wanting to socialize medicine. America is a lazy nation indeed.

IowaMouse said... hard working people are already being crapped on by our government. While not terribly fond of McCain's politics, Biden scares me even more. So just listening and watching for the time being...still not sure how I'm going to vote when it's time yet. I find many people are willing to step into the booth, shut their eyes and throw a dart to choose their candidate. Sometimes, I wonder if it makes any difference at all. Either way, it will be interesting to see how it all develops.

Benjamin said...

I realize that there was an ugly time in our nation's past where voters were asked to take tests to determine whether they could be allowed to vote or not. This was racist and terrible. However, part of me wants to bring those days back. I feel like sometimes, the only informed decisions too many Americans make is which direction they will toss that said dart. They don't watch or read the news. They do not visit the candidates websites. They only know where the candidates stand on the issues based on what they have been told by their friends, and the 10 minutes of the evening news that they caught one night. Uninformed voters are wrong voters.

Diane said...

The kindest thing I can say for Obama is that he is creative with his own history. Less kind, more accurate, is that he is a revisionist liar. I also am not wowed by McCain, but the alternative has me scared for America.