Thursday, October 09, 2008


My Mom had an appointment today so while we were
waiting, I geeked out and went to visit the Porter
County Municipal Airport (VPZ). I knew I only had
a few minutes until my Mom's appointment was finished
and fortunately, that's all it took to look over this
tiny airport. It's so small, it makes our home airport
in Grand Junction look like O'Hare. Even though it's
small and has no scheduled flights or airlines, it's
very well appointed and has a friendly staff. I think
that most of it's traffic comes from Valparaiso
University. I attribute my geek-love of airports
because of our trips to VPZ when I was very young.
We would stop at Dairy Queen for Mr. Mistys and watch
the small planes take off and land at the "airplane port".
On several vacations we stopped at O'Hare in Chicago and
the Green Bay airport in Wisconsin as actual tourist
destinations. Not your typical tourist fare but I think
my Dad was interested as well and it was free. These
pre-TSA days were great for airport aficionados.
So today, my visit to the airport in Valpo was kind of
like going home. I felt very comfortable there.

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