Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All To Myself

How does one gain access to thousands of books and
have to share them with no one? Become a night shift
Librarian at McMurdo. Kaska decided she was going to
volunteer in the Library on Tuesday nights from 2am to
4am and I thought it was a good idea that I do the same
on Wednesday nights. So tonight I'm going to have
several thousand books all to myself. Why to myself?
Well, I don't expect a lot of customers...that's why.
At most, a couple, at least, none. A good gig if you
can get it. Of course it's volunteer work so I don't
get paid anything, but it's a nice place to read for
a few hours, surf the internet, drink coffee and generally
hang out while Lynn is sleeping in our room. Plus, it's
a community activity that will make my end of season eval
look better. And again...all these books! Yay for me!

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