Friday, November 28, 2008


Lynn got out of here right on time as we got
some seriously crummy weather yesterday. At
one point we couldn't even see the building next
door and both runways were closed, cancelling
the few flights that were scheduled. Now we have
a two day weekend which comes at a very good time
as everyone has that late January look on their
faces even though it's only late November. People
are genuinely tired. Lynn made it back to Christchurch
ok and we'll have to get used to corresponding via
email. Even though New Zealand is only five hours
away, all calls to and from here have to go through
Colorado and it's really expensive to call through
New Zealand.


Benjamin said...

Yeah, I checked the McMurdo Station Webcam yesterday and as soon as it loaded up an image I was like, "Yikes. That looks bad." Guess it was.

Benjamin said...

After checking the camera again today it doesn't look like the weather has improved at all.

Tom said...

Nope...pretty crummy still at 1349. Hope it gets better over the next 10 hours when I go to Thanksgiving Dinner on midrats. Otherwise I don't have to leave the building...Woo Hoo!

Atlas said...

I sure hope...

1) Lynnie comes back soon. I already miss her.

2) The season ends soon. This is the weirdest season I've ever experienced. Such a strange feel all over station. There's a sense of foreboding in the air...

Benjamin said...

Let us hope that the sense of foreboding remains in the air until I get there. If there is one thing in this world that I love more than anything, it is a general sense of foreboding! Then again, maybe the sense of foreboding is the anticiaption of my return.