Monday, November 17, 2008

The Job Walk

This week, "fourteen Bid Team members representing eight
companies that are bidding on the upcoming USAP support
contract will arrive on station. They will visit the South
Pole, McMurdo Station, Black Island, Williams Field and LDB...
Virtually every building in McMurdo will be visited by the
bidders and their NSF escorts". The following companies will
be represented:

ITT Antarctic Services
Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR)
Day & Zimmermann Group
CH2M Hill
Lockheed Martin


Benjamin said...

Help us Obiwan Kenobi. You're our only hope! Boy am I cherishing the thought of trading the World's largest defense contractor for KBR. They might just kick me out of the Democratic Party after that.

Anonymous said...

During my first season, 1998-1999, I worked in Air Services. A walk-through was conducted, and we were given very strict instructions regarding how to interact with the bidders. For example, we had to remove all our work notes, instructions, information (including Zulu time conversion charts), etc. from the walls of our work center and hide them. (We basically only had a pencil holder and a couple of staplers left out on the desks.) And, at that time, the duties of the Shuttles department were not as extensive as they currently are, so Air Services had to drive the bidders to the air fields and on tours. We were told not to answer any of their questions. Basically, we were threatened into silence. And that was with ASA! Imagine what Raytheon will require of its employees…

Lori Murray said...

Are you going to be escorting them around? Should be an intersting couple of days. Especially if they get stuck trying to get to S Pole for a few days.