Monday, November 10, 2008

Poles, Veterans and Corduroy

November 11th is one of my favorite days on the calendar
and I had three topics I wanted to post about. I couldn't
decide which one to discuss, so all three are getting press
here today:

A year ago today, Lynn and I were in Krakow, Poland where
we celebrated Polish Independence/Remembrance Day. We
watched a labor parade march through the square during
the day and in a near-blizzard during the evening, watched
and listened to the citizens of the city sing patriotic
songs in the same square. It was a memorable part of our

November 11th is also Veterans Day (formerly known as
Armistice Day) and today is the 90th anniversary of the
original Armistice Day, marking the end of World War I, or
as it was know then...The Great War. It now honors all
veterans but we should all remember that there are only
15 veterans of World War I surviving today worldwide. The
oldest is 112 and the youngest is 105.

Lastly, November 11th is Corduroy Appreciation Day. I
own no corduroy, but I and countless dozens of others
around the world appreciate the fabric. Why is November
11th Corduroy Day? Think about how corduroy looks...
vertical lines...and 11/11 is the calendar date that most
looks like corduroy. My friend Susie sent an email to me
reminding me of this joyous day. Otherwise I might have
forgotten. We enjoyed it immensely while working together
in 2006 and while today's observance didn't have the frivolity
of other National Holidays, it should always be festive in
it's own right.

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