Friday, February 13, 2009

Always Room for Jello

This seems to have been McMurdo's Summer of Jello
Love and several friends of mine and I are always
amused by odd looking jello molds, so when I ran
across these old-time recipes, I felt the urge
to post them immediately! Yum..don't they just
look delicious...NOT!


Michelle said...

OMG! I think I'm going to hurl!

Anonymous said...

where's Carrie? why isn't she here commenting on your jello shots. jello and green beans? Blek.

Anonymous said...

Subtle. I'm surprised you aren't in HR right now justifying your use of the word Jello in your blog, given the season.

Note my anonymity, due to fear of the word Jello being connected with me.

Lori Murray said...

My mom made these kinds of salads when I was a kid. YUCK.

IowaMouse said...

How sad for me...I have a large collection of copper jello molds..I have all of the ones pictured. However..jello and green beans? peppers? who EATS this stuff????

Anonymous said...

fantastic! absolutely fantastic!