Monday, March 02, 2009

2 !!!!!!!

Today was finally the day. After many years of being humbled,
the US Dollar is strong again. When we first started coming
down to the Ice in 2001, New Zealand was an American buyer's
paradise. The US$ could buy you 2 NZ$ and life was good!
As recently as two years ago, the US$ could only buy you
$1.25NZ and life was not so good. At least for us Yanks.
So here we long will it last? With the US Stock Market
dropping below the 7000 mark, it could get even better for
the once spat-upon US$. As I write this it's $2.02 and climbing!


Benjamin said...

A dollar will also buy you €.80 and .71 pound. Go dollar! Woohoo! Of course, by the time I leave the ice it will probably be good and weak again. ;(

Lori Murray said...

Good, nows the time to buy a house for 1/2 price :-)