Friday, March 13, 2009

My Hundredth Country!

I have a small line of code in my blog that allows me to
keep track of where visitors are located around the world.
It doesn't really tell me much more than what country
they are from, but as a vexillologist, I find it fun that
it's presented on the right hand side of my blog as a list
of flags. Each flag representing a nation where someone
from that nation visited my blog. Tonight, I received a
visitor from my hundredth nation! Tonga. A small
Polynesian kingdom in the South Pacific. It's also the
place where several of my friends went on holiday after
they left the Ice. I'd like to think that the people of
Tonga have a great interest in my blog, but probably
not. Although it is nice to know that my friends are
reading my blog, checking up on me!


Benjamin said...

Congrats on nabbing that 100th Country. Tom conquers yet again!

andre said...

Tom -
you had lots of friends in Tonga! We follow you from everywhere...


Diane said... this part of your World Domination effort, oh ruler of Turdistan?