Sunday, April 26, 2009

El Presidente

Here we are, sitting in our apartment, minding our own
business...and what happens? A political rally breaks out.
Just 1/2 block north of where we live! It turns out that the
campaign headquarters of the President of Ecuador, Rafael
Correa are located 100 yards from our apartment. From
what I read, Correa is somewhere left of President Obama
but somewhere right of Hugo Chavez. Apparently at
least 51% of the people like him since that's the percentage
of people voted for him in this weekend's presidential
election. The rally was a victory rally and went on for
hours and hours.

it seemed very much a family affair as even a small band showed
up to entertain everyone.

Not hard to figure out this guy's political leanings though as he's
wearing a Mao hat and a Che Guevarra t-shirt.

One of the things that struck me most (as a vexillologist) was the
large number of campaign flags showing pictures of Correa and
others of his party that were running for election.

At approximately 9:00, Correa finally showed up. We saw his limo
and heard him talk and then it was over. Although there was
certainly lots of music and entertainment that followed over the
next few hours (as we were trying to sleep)

One of my favorite scenes during the event was this guy who was
just trying to make a buck, selling his potato and cheese snacks
from his cart...and he's surrounded by armed policemen!
Ah...capitalism at work!

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