Friday, April 10, 2009

Darn Friendly

One of the things that attracted us to Grand Junction is
the friendliness of everyone (well, almost everyone) that
lives here. I guess I'm just programmed to accept that
most people don't speak to strangers in public in
most places. Especially anything more than "hi" or
maybe "thank you" when purchasing something at a
store. Three separate people carried on conversations
with us at Vitamin Cottage today and Safeway almost
felt like a "lovefest" there were so many people that
were chatty. I hope I never get tired of these friendly

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Jude said...

I just drove to GJ last night to give my daughter a ride to Maaco to pick up her car. What I like about Grand Junction are the ladies at the China Pantry in the mall who call you "dear"; the way you meet as many shoppers from Rangely, Craig, or Moab as you do from GJ itself; and the fact that I always know the fastest way to travel to any given point (so many entrances and exits to choose from). Be glad you *missed* the roundabout construction, especially the one on Main Street. That one seemed to take forever.