Friday, April 17, 2009


Pronunciation: \ˈzir-ə-ˌskāp, ˈzer-\
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
Date: 1985
: a landscaping method developed especially for
arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (the use of drought-tolerant plants,
mulch, and efficient irrigation)

OK...let's face it. Our yard doesn't look very good.
Grand Junction gets only eight inches of rain per year.
This is not an area that should have lush, green yards.
Good thing, because ours if failing miserably in this
category. Yes, it's only April and most yards here look
this badly, but ours unfortunately won't get much better
as the summer progresses. Mowing the green weeds
doesn't really produce the desired effect.

For the past couple of years, we've tossed about the idea
of xeriscaping our yard. Since we live in a desert, our yard should
look like it. We got together with a landscaper who's work we
liked, got an estimate (not as cheap as we hoped, but about
what we expected), and work will begin next week. It will not
only improve our curb appeal (along with the property value),
it's good for the earth since we're not wasting precious water.
I'll hopefully show photos when it's completed.


Lori Murray said...

Post pictures as the work goes along.

Tom said...

Unfortunately, it looks like they're going to get started after we leave for Ecuador. I'll ask Lynn's daughter to take photos of the process and the finished job.

IowaMouse said...

Cool! Looking forward to seeing them!

Castlerock Xeriscape said...

It is highly recommended especially to desert place like that,