Friday, May 08, 2009

A Band???

I've been sleeping here in Ecuador about the same as
anyplace else in the world. Sometimes good and
sometimes bad. However...this morning at 6:15 am
I hear this loud music outside the window (yes, but
different loud music than usual). Lynn calls from the
other room, "Hey, it's a parade!" By some inner caveman-
type response to the word "parade", I stagger into the
living room and there's a large band formed across the
street, ready to "serenade" my sleepy eardrums with
more music. Remember...this is at 6:15...AM!!!!

Ok, so now I'm awake. People with signs start to wave
them at passing drivers. Several of these people have
prisoner "suits" on. Whhhaaatttt????? Afterwards, I
zoomed in on one of my photos and figured it out.
They were telling people not to talk on their cell phones
while driving. Now this is a concept I can embrace. you really need a 28 piece band, and do
you HAVE to do it at 6:15 in the morning???

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