Friday, June 05, 2009


After a six hour bus trip, with the Pacific
Ocean on one side and miles of barren desert
on the other, we spent the last two days in
the remote city of Nasca. Nasca is most
famous for it´s mysterious lines carved into
the desert floor. We took a tiny six person
plane ride and saw dozens of drawings and
geometric designs that have been in place for
over a thousand years.

Later that afternoon, we took a tour of the
Chauchilla Necropolis, about 20k from Nasca,
where hundreds of mummies and skeletons have
been unearthed (mostly by grave robbers) over
the years and besides the neatly displayed
bodies, there are bones scattered everywhere
in the desert. A really eerie sight.

I´ll post more photos and give more detail
once we get back to Quito and I have better
access to the pictures.

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