Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scenes from Cuenca

Visiting Cuenca filled several days of sightseeing.

It's quite a large city, with over 400,000 inhabitants.

Another view of the New Cathedral

Flowers, especially roses, are plentiful in Ecuador.
Two dozen roses can often be purchased for $1.

This group of college students interviewed us while we were
sitting in the park one day. They were in an English language
class and their assignment was to interview travelers in English.

Supermarkets are still relatively new here and the average
person shops at local markets like this one.

All kinds of fruits and vegetables can be found. Some
familiar, some not so much.

You can eat at the market too, but our brains were smarter
than our stomachs on this day. There's a saying amongst
expatriates in Ecuador that if you don't get sick once a week,
you must not be eating.

There is lots of European style architecture and many
cobbled streets in the city and you'll see locals in
traditional dress as often as more modern styles.

This must be where old wheeled carts (dollies) go to die.
There were just as many on the opposite wall behind me
and hardly any of them were identical in design!

One day, there was a health fair taking place outside the
New Cathedral. Not much doubt what this person thinks
of smoking.

At the Museo Banco Central there are Incan ruins and these
interesting gardens dating from the Incan settlement of the

This copy of a famous Incan mask found in the area is
located on the outside of the Museo Banco Central. We
found the most interesting part of the museum though
to be it's collection of Ecuadoran money from the last
500 years.

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Michelle said...

Wow! I'd love to shop at the fruit and veggie market! That looks incredible.