Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We spent the night before in Grand Junction at home so we had a
long day of driving ahead of us...just to get out of Colorado. To
many, the drive across the Continental Divide would be exciting,
but we've done it so many times that it is just mildly interesting.
One obstacle on the way to our destination. Over six hours just
to get from our house to the state line. Therefore, a highlight
(at least for Lynn) was to stop at one of her favorite knitting stores,
FiberSpace, in the small eastern plains town of Sterling. Yes, this
is exciting for Lynn, but not so much for me. However, I got to
play Staff Photographer as she wants to post about this (even I
admit) very nice store. After we left, we had an ultra-boring drive
across the remainder of Colorado and halfway across Nebraska to
the town of Kearney. And trust me...driving across Nebraska makes
the drive across the Colorado plains look like a trip to Disney World!


Benjamin said...

I could not agree more about that terrible drive through Nebraska. Nothing is more boring. "Oh look! It's a Flying J!"

the delightful said...

nebraska ain't so bad. you just gotta get off the highway. and i hope while you were in Kearney you visited Harold Warp's Pioneer Village

rebecca said...

I thouhgt of you and Lynn today as I lost all self control. I walked into my local yarn store and was greated by a sign that said "sale". Needless to say, it was all downhill from there!