Saturday, July 04, 2009

Feliz 4 de Julio?

Every July 4th in my life I have spent the holiday either
in America or at least "with" 100+ Americans in a remote
place. This year, Lynn and I are spending the day with
several million people who know the day as...Saturday.
Yes, a bit underwhelming and definitely nothing to get
excited about. At least in Ecuador. All throughout Quito
you see streets named after important days in Ecuador's
history. Avenida 6 de Diciembre (The city of Quito is founded by
Spanish settlers led by Sebasti√°n de Belalc√°zar) or Avenida
10 de Agosto ( Quito declares independence from Spain).
These are obviously red letter dates here in Ecuador. You
can even find a Avenida Kennedy here, referring to President
Kennedy. Avenida 4 de Julio. Maybe I should just
be here in Quito with all the revelers on December 6th or
on August 10th. On a bright note however, someone was
launching fireworks in the Parque de Carolina after 10pm.
Either some expat Americans were taking matters into their
own hands to celebrate, or it was just Ecuadorans getting the
early jump on the the August 10th holiday. I'll start looking
in the stores for all of the holiday sales.

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