Monday, August 17, 2009

Driving Back to Colorado

We left Altus before sunrise and had a long day's drive ahead of us.
One of our first stops was in the panhandle of Texas, east of Amarillo.
Most of this country looks exactly like this photo. Miles and miles of...
nothing! Of course, this area is famous for tornadoes, as the bathrooms
at the restrooms double as tornado shelters according to the posted

Much of the country in the Southern Plains is agricultural and with
it come lots of large grain elevators. I like to photograph elevators...
probably because I grew up near several of them and they always
seem very noble and fortress-like since they are usually surrounded
by miles of open and flat land.

We felt that driving as far north as Denver, fighting the traffic there and
in Colorado Springs, before making the long journey on I-70 through the
mountains wasn't worth the time or effort, so we took a southern route
we hadn't taken before. We travelled on US 50 across south central
Colorado, through Pueblo, Salida, Gunnison and Montrose. We hadn't
traveled part of this route before and we came upon Monarch Pass half
way through. A really pretty area, crossing the Continental Divide.

We also drove past the Dillon Pinnacles overlooking Blue Mesa Reservoir.
Blue Mesa is the largest body of water in Colorado and part of the
Curecanti National Recreation Area. A nice finish to a very long drive.
16 hours in the car today!

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