Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Future Knitter?

Lynn and I drove to Mishawaka today to visit our friend
Belinda and her little boy, Joshua. Although not quite three,
Josh is leaps and bounds above most three year olds.
Very articulate, he's also very generous, going to the fridge
and getting each of us a bottle of water without anybody
even asking him to do so! I was amazed. He also "thanked"
Lynn for bringing him a "gift" of yarn that he pulled out of
her bag. He carried several skeins of yarn around for a good
15 minutes, just like they were toys. A future knitter perhaps?
Of course, Belinda was as charming and fun as always and
she showed us her new (to us) apartment and is busy busy
busy, being a mom, working in a busy office and going to
IU-South Bend. She has all kinds of energy to do all three

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Benjamin said...

We miss you Belinda!