Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visiting the Hospice

I have been wanting to visit the hospice where my Dad
stayed last year and also to go with my Mom to see the
bricks that we had placed there to remember my Dad.
They did a really good job placing the bricks and they
are right outside his window. There is even a small bench
there that I can picture him sitting in, admiring the
beautiful garden and pretty flowers.

Lynn and several other women on the Ice last winter were
working on another "Warm Up America" afghan and Mom
was contributing with her own squares on this end. Lynn's
spent the last few days putting them all together into a really
pretty afghan. The "Warm Up America" project is aimed at
contributing these projects to hospitals, shelters, etc and
Lynn felt that the VNA Horton Hospice Center. Two of the
women that were there when Dad stayed there greeted us
and were thrilled to see us and to receive the afghan. Both
very nice women, it was great to see them again.

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the delightful said...

i think its really neat that you are able to do that- to have a memorial to your dad, and also to pass on some comfort to other people who will be in his shoes.