Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Away I Go...

Ready to start season number 10 on the Ice, I started my trip.
Today was a long day. Lynn dropped me off at the airport
in Grand Junction at around 11:30 and immediately drove
off for Denver. My flight left at around 12:30 and after about
40 minutes, I was in Salt Lake City.

The plane from GJT was pretty small...about 25 people, but this
plane from SLC was about 75people. Quite a bit bigger. I sat
next to a woman from Israel who was going around to cities in
the western US selling body muds and salts from the Dead Sea.

When I landed in Denver at around 4:45, Lynn was waiting for me
and had been there about an hour. Amazing that it took her less
time to drive than it took me to fly.

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