Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crew Tour

After yesterday's crew tour no-go, another
C-17 arrived today and my new co-worker, Mia
and I went out in a van to meet the crew.
There were only four crew members taking the
crew, but we had less than an hour to show
them McMurdo. The place most people like to
go to is the store in Building 155. All four
of them bought lots of fun things to take
back home. Ironically, crewmember Kathy
(in this photo, shopping) spends part of her
time working at Altus, AFB in Oklahoma, where
my brother in law, Greg works. She told me
she's going to look him up when she gets back
to work in Altus!

All four of the crew members posed for me
outside of the store in B-155, carry their

Our last stop of the tour was the McMurdo
Station sign where many people take their
"Hero Shots", proving that they were here.
They were a fun group and it was a pleasure
showing them around.

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Lynn said...

Wow! It's a small world isn't it? The six degrees of Greg Price. ha.