Monday, November 02, 2009

Dreary Dorm Days

It's difficult to write about anything very
interesting when one doesn't even leave "the
house" for two days. In most parts of the world
that's really not that hard to do, but here, it
seems you have to go outside to do almost
everything, and being outside is not really
what's best for me right now. So, here you
go...a lovely view of my dorm...Dorm 208.
Yes, I'm bored by this as well.


Benjamin said...

This is an old photo. No, smoke shack in front of 207.

Unknown said...

Yep...indeed an old photo, but not what you think it is. That's the backside of 208 with 209 on the right. See Ob Hill in the background?

Benjamin said...

I knew there was something wrong with that background. That is what made me think that there was something up. Doh. I am such an idiot.