Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Demise of Building 63

The demolition of Building 63 has begun. This is
the building that housed the Craft Rooms, Pottery
Room, Weight Gym, Climbing Gym and most importantly,
the Bowling Alley. The second story has already
been torn off and all of the parts of the Bowling
Alley have been removed. Sad times for a historic
old building that deserved better

Although in need of a paint job, Building 63 in
better days.


Benjamin said...

I was hoping that FEMC would be able to drag their feet until Duffy (i.e. the guy who walked into the building and said, "I want this building torn down.") was gone. Sooo sad.

Raymond322 said...
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Raymond322 said...

The ribbon was cut opening the bowling alley 19 July 1961 by CDR James J. Brosnahan. 48 years is a good run for any original wooden bowling alley. It is always sad seeing the passing of an era. It was fun watching the alley being built while wintering. I'm pleased to have the original photos.

Anonymous said...

Do they plan on building a new building for all the activities, ie bowling rock wall; or is that it, once the building is gone the fun as well.

Thomas said...

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Unknown said...

There are long term plans to build a "all in one" recreation center, including bars, gyms, etc, but I'm sure that that plan is well down the road.