Monday, November 30, 2009

How Far Is It?

I've always enjoyed this sign that is located
at Scott Base. Similar to other AA (NZ's version
of AAA Automobile Club) signs, located around
New Zealand, it tells the distance from Scott
Base to different locations around the world.
For those metrically challenged, I've translated
the distance from kilometers to miles:

South Pole: 841
Wellington: 2535
Cape Town: 4603
Washington: 9214
Moscow: 10501
London: 10588

Christchurch: 2381
Canberra: 2987
Buenos Aires 4449
Tokyo: 7929
Paris: 10381
Brussels: 10520
Oslo: 11085

For some inexplicable reason, they don't list the
distance to Grand Junction!

Grand Junction:
14135 Kilometers - 8784 Miles


Paul said...

how about wall drug?

Eric in Santa Fe said...

They also don't list the distance to the North Pole, which would have been a nice bookend to the first place in the list.